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Magic Flow  magasnyomású klímatisztító gép
Magic Flow magasnyomású klímatisztító gép
87 000 Ft

Magic Flow magasnyomású klímatisztító gép

Water pressure: 3-9 bar PSI adjustable power
Accumulator. 12V/4000mAh
Water tank 17L
Charging: 12V network or car charging mode
Weight: 7.5 kg
Power: 60W
Charging time takes 5-6 hours.
Operating time approx.: 2 hours continuous operating time
Size: 35 X 22 X 52.5
Its performance is approximately 2.2 liters of water per minute.

Warranty 1 year

- 6 meter long cable,
- AC Charger
- several types of multi-functional nozzles (see pictures) with metal wands, plastic multiple replaceable heads
- shoulder strap
- car charger 12 V

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87 000 Ft
Perfect for air conditioning cleaning, the size of the water jet can be adjusted.
It is easy and convenient to wash indoor or outdoor air conditioners.
It is still suitable for cleaning cars and other objects with high-pressure water.
Removable and refillable 17 liter water tank.
Battery can also be charged on the go
Easy to use, thanks to the many nozzles, several ways of use.
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